About us

KUBEL Design is a brand of handmade knitted rugs. 

We are located in Italy - the world's cradle of art, design and production of the highest quality items. 

Our rugs are also works of modern art. Every product is inspired by one of the paintings of great artists (past or present) and created by the skilled hands of craftsmen from the high quality recycled cotton. It is imported from all over the world, turned into unique material for our rugs, and the waste from its production is transferred to local zero-waste initiatives. 

No water or toxic chemicals are used in the process of production.

Responsible production is one of our priorities. 


Kazimir Malevich said: "A painted surface is a real, living form". To paraphrase, we can say that the knitted surface created by hands, each rug by Kubel Design is also a real, living form. 

Our rugs live in bedrooms and living rooms, in hallways and kitchens, sharing their aesthetics and delighting people with their quality. 

If you, like us, have a passion for art and design, value the exclusivity of handmade work and share our eco-friendly views, we will be happy to create a piece of Kubel Design for you.